They say write what you know, and I know a lot of useless and incomplete information. Sometimes I communicate it through drawings and other times I journal it. Very rarely, I finish it.

Exactly why I started this I don’t know, but I do know that if I didn’t I’d forever wish I had. Though I’m not expecting these ramblings to change the world, if my humble blog inspires just one other person to follow their dreams, this whole thing would have been a total waste of time.

My name’s Bren. When I was younger, I wanted to draw for TV and videogames. Back then, games and TV were mostly about slaying monsters and shooting bad guys. I got my dream job, and then games, art and TV became about gender and race and sexuality and religion and politics. But so did everything.

My life’s goal, however, has stayed the same: Getting everybody to leave me the hell alone so I can create what I want.

Until that happens, this is what’s in my sketchbook. Keep in mind it’s pretty rough, and very, very sketchy.